ANCOR Partner Presentation

The Leader’s Role in Implementing Significant Change: Achieving a Cultural Shift

ANCOR Partner Presentation from MediSked

This session provides participants with an array of strategies and tools to effectively facilitate and implement culture shifts and innovations. The presenter will reveal why people commonly resist change and will explore strategies that can be used to support others (employees and other stakeholders) in overcoming their resistance.

Personal power is the power that others give us when they perceive us as a competent, caring and sensitive person. A leader recognizes that personal power is created when the focus of the leader’s efforts are on relationship building versus task completion. This session describes how personal power is utilized by leaders to promote the willingness of others to make the needed changes in their behavior. Through the relationships that a leader cultivates with his/her followers, a bond is formed that nurtures trust. This session emphasizes that without trust one cannot lead and thus is impaired in shifting the culture of the organization and establishing innovative change.


  • Rachel Hendrickson, Director of Strategic Growth, Medisked
  • Dr. Tom Pomeranz, President & CEO, Univeral LifeStiles