HCBS Conference


Lou Grossman
CEO, Advanced Care Alliance

Cordelia Nervi
Director of HIT & Analytics, Advance Care Alliance

Doug Golub
President, MediSked

We’ll be at the 2020 HCBS Virtual Conference!

The Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Conference is ADvancing States’ national conference that annually brings together state, federal, and local policymakers as well as leaders who administer, manage, and deliver waiver and other HCBS programs.  The purpose of the HCBS Conference is to share practices and policies that improve state systems delivering long-term services and supports (LTSS) for all ages and abilities.

This year, the HCBS Conference will be a virtual experience spaced over two weeks. The ADvancing States Fall Member meeting takes place on Dec. 1, followed by the HCBS Conference on Dec. 2-3 and Dec. 8-10, 2020. This year will be two weeks of learning and inspiration like never before.

Come to our Presentation – More details to be announced soon!

Applying Data & Technology to Help I/DD Service Providers Integrate Care in NY in the Age of COVID

Effective care coordination requires technology, training, and culture change to achieve person-centered improvements and better quality and value. In 2018, New York’s I/DD system transformation moved care management, health promotion, and referral to community support services for 100,000 individuals with I/DD to Care Coordination Organizations (CCO/HHs). Year Two of NYS’ transition is underway in the midst of the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic. At HCBS 2019, presenters shared baseline level data from year one at Advance Care Alliance, a CCO/HH that supports 1 in 4 of the 100,000 individuals supported based in the greater New York City area. This year’s session will provide results of the associated quality initiatives that were implemented, including:

    • Data about individuals’ health status and support services they received (or didn’t receive) in various settings
    • How aggregated and disaggregated data are being used for planning and management dashboard purposes
    • How data are being applied to operational improvements to identify solutions during the pandemic