Jude Mousel

2021 MediSked Outstanding DSP Award Winner

Agency: Imagine the Possibilities – Edgewood, Iowa
Length of Service
: 14 years

Jude advocates for the individuals he supports every day. He regularly attends medical appointments to ensure individuals’ concerns are being heard, even when they may not feel comfortable enough to tell their providers. Jude has created lifelong relationships with the individuals that help the individuals feel comfortable enough to let Jude know what they would like so that he can properly advocate for them. Jude is a huge advocate of doing whatever needs to be done to get the individuals he supports fully integrated into their community and treated as someone who contributes to community. He works hard to eliminate any stigma associated with a person’s diagnosis or services. He ensures they look good (nice clothes, hair, hygiene, etc.) and that their house looks good, both inside and out. Jude assists the individuals with modern-day and holiday decorating. They often get compliments from visitors and neighbors, which makes the individuals feel dignified and respected within their community. 

He consistently gets individuals out into the community, supporting them with experiencing businesses and activities within their home community as well as in surrounding communities. Jude has gone above and beyond with taking individuals he serves to Iowa Hawkeye Football and Basketball Games, WWE Wrestling Events, Music Concerts, County and State Fairs and Adventure Land in Des Moines, Iowa. Jude does well with listening to individuals to figure out what their specific interests are to ensure they are attending community events that they enjoy. He also assists his individuals with researching events to attend. Within this past year, Jude was able to take an individual to a WWE Wrestling Show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Jude continues to strive at every shift worked to assist individuals with attending community events that they want to attend. 

Jude is an active member of the Imagine the Possibilities Special Olympics Team. He has been an Assistant Coach for 10 years, attending events such as Track and Field, Basketball and Bowling. Jude plays a vital role in helping the individuals he supports to feel confident in each sport.

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Jude Mousel

Jude has created many relationships over the years with both his coworkers and individuals he serves. He always comes into work with a positive attitude, which helps bring positivity to the home as a whole. Jude has become a mentor for many of his direct support professional peers and is truly an asset to the Imagine the Possibilities team. Jude takes the time to learn about each individual he serves and builds individualized relationships with each while still maintaining his proper role as a Direct Support Professional.