Kim Burno

Agency: Fitzmaurice Community Services, Inc. – Easton, PA
Length of Service
: 16 years

At an Intellectual Disabilities group home, all three individuals and almost all of the staff contracted COVID-19. One of the individuals was hospitalized. Ms. Burno offered to work at this house knowing that two individuals were positive with COVID-19. Ms. Burno moved into the home for approximately two weeks. She was the only staff working.  This was approved by the Office of Developmental Programs. Ms. Burno is the mother of three children two of whom still live at home. Ms. Burno knew that she would need to quarantine herself when she was able to return home. She made a month’s commitment so that two individuals could be properly cared for in their own home. That is going above and beyond what a DSP is required to do.

“As the person who interviewed and hired Ms. Burno over 16 years ago, I am not surprised.  She is an amazing employee and we are very happy to have her working for our agency. We regularly get positive comments from the individuals she works with.”

Kim’s Program Director, Cheryl Berry is pictured on the left, and Kim Burno is pictured on the right.

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