Hello and welcome to the MediSked Podcast! We are pleased to bring you the latest and greatest news in the home and community-based services and long term services and supports field. Join us to hear from guest speakers who are giants in our industry along with subject matter experts who will discuss a range of topics from technology, to the DSP crisis, to self-direction, and beyond. Thanks for joining us and feel free to send topics you’d like to see covered in the future to strategicgrowth@medisked.com.  

During this short talk, MediSked Advisor and nationally-recognized trainer, Tom Pomeranz, will dive into the vital transformation and cultural shift that is occurring in the I/DD field – that is to transition people from segregated environments to supporting them to have meaningful and productive lives in a fully integrated setting. Tom will explore the two-pronged complex challenge which necessitates that all individuals engage in a meaningful day preferably employed or volunteering and that all individuals experience an inclusive community presence.

Presenter: Dr. Tom Pomeranz is a nationally recognized authority, trainer, clinician, and consultant in the field of services for people with disabilities. Over the last forty-five years, Tom has conducted thousands of seminars and programs throughout the United States and Canada. His audiences praise his ability to combine information, humor, passion, and storytelling into an informative whole that does not just present the information, but really communicates it in a memorable fashion. Tom is a long-time MediSked Advisor who has been on the Council since its inception. 

View the video version with closed captioning here.

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