Miranda Goette

2021 MediSked Outstanding DSP Award Winner

Agency: Residential Opportunities, INC – Kalamazoo, Michigan
Length of Service
: 11 years

Miranda is completely dedicated and committed to the people she supports. She knows all of their dreams, goals, and desires. She has supported people through mental health, medical health, and behavioral health challenges. She has supported people through end of life. Even when serving people who are non-verbal, Miranda is able to anticipate their needs. She knows what they are saying and what they are not saying. Miranda does not “just” serve folks – she improves their lives on a daily basis. Miranda plans activities, events, parties, and family celebrations to each person’s interests. She keeps families informed as to the status of their loved ones. At one point, due to the low pay for direct support professionals state-wide, Miranda went back to school so that she could switch to a higher-paying career. Despite completing this schooling, when the Pandemic hit, Miranda did not feel it was a good time to leave the individuals. She stayed through staffing shortages, illness, and low pay. She even resumed a shift supervisory position because she knew the individuals needed her. Everyone is happy that Miranda chose to stay during one of the worst times in our history of service.



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Miranda Goette

The families, guardians, and collaborating professionals all seek Miranda out for her wisdom and insight. She is well respected and a valued member of the person-centered team. More importantly, the individuals love Miranda and look forward to her presence. When she happens to have a day off, they anticipate her return!