MediSked Supports the ANCOR Foundation’s “Included. Supported. Empowered.” Campaign

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The ANCOR Foundation launched a three-year national public awareness effort, the “Included. Supported. Empowered.” Campaign, which provides a platform to highlight the work of the professionals who make it possible for people of all abilities to thrive as individuals and as active, valued, contributing members of our communities. This movement will serve to educate the public about the successes of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), how policies and programs make success possible, how philanthropy enhances these efforts, and how employers and communities provide vital partnerships and opportunities.

MediSked is a long-time Gold Partner of ANCOR and is thrilled to expand our support as a benefactor sponsor of the campaign through 2020. MediSked President, Doug Golub, will sit on the campaign committee as it strives to celebrate community inclusion and educate the public on the vital role that providers play in supporting people with I/DD to become contributing members of the communities where they live and work. As the campaign tagline expresses, we all have a stake in building opportunities for people with I/DD because our communities and our society are stronger when everyone has the chance to live a life of dignity.

Visit to learn how you can get involved and share your story.

MediSked is proud to demonstrate our commitment to the community, to ANCOR, and to the ANCOR foundation to promote the inclusion and empowerment of people with I/DD and the individuals who support them.” – Doug Golub, MediSked President.

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