Deep Dive into Connect Exchange Version 3.0

MediSked Connect Exchange – Multi-Agency Business Intelligence Platform is our interface engine and data warehouse that offers sophisticated business intelligence tools to gain insights across your enterprise. We’re proud to unveil Connect Exchange version 3.0 (v3.0), which is the culmination of new features we’ve developed over the past three years. The updated offering includes the following:

Cohort Builder: Analyzing Trends Across a Population

The MediSked Cohort Builder allows users to define, monitor, and engage groups of individuals based on distinguishing characteristics. Users are able to select specific filter criteria to identify cohorts to deliver targeted and effective population strategies.

After creating a cohort, the filter can be applied to our custom report builder to gain critical population-level insights. This allows the opportunity to identify possible interventions and campaigns to improve quality and overall care. Additionally, the filters can be used to identify which individuals belong to a particular cohort to stratify risk and classify appropriate levels of care.Cohort Builder

Quick Look at Cohort Builder Features: 

  • Create, define, and describe unique cohorts
  • Apply cohort filters to standard and custom reports to draw population-level analyses
  • View cohort membership in multiple ways, including geographic visualizations

To learn more about the Cohort Builder, request a demo.

Single Sign On & Unified Login Router: Centralize Across Your Enterprise

Looking to simplify login management for your organization? With OpenID Single Sign On (SSO) support, your users can utilize their existing enterprise credentials to access their MediSked accounts, eliminating the need to manage multiple account passwords. OpenID offers additional security benefits,  the use of OpenID allows your organization to centrally enforce consistent password policies (complexity, age, etc.) across your enterprise and extend security features of your OpenID provider like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Microsoft Azure AD Conditional Access to MediSked solutions.

We’ve created the MediSked Unified Login Router to simplify the login experience for enterprises that utilize multiple MediSked platform instances. Users simply need to enter their credentials and can navigate to the appropriate instance for the task at hand, without having to independently login to each application.

Quick Look at SSO and Unified Login Features:

  • Centralize credential management by using an OpenID provider (Google, Azure, etc.) to access MediSked Connect Exchange
  • Route users to the correct MediSked solution instance based on user role and associated facilities
  • Seamlessly navigate between MediSked applications without having to re-sign in each time
  • Reduce login credential reset requests and improve productivity for users and your help desk

To learn more about SSO and the Unified Login Router, request a demo.

Quantify Quality with Quality Measure Engine

Arm your quality team with the tools to monitor the ongoing progress of quality performance measures in real-time. The Quality Measure Engine enables users to capture and report on quality metrics and demonstrate the value of your organization’s services and supports.

Quick Look at Quality Measure Engine Features:

  • Capture quality measure data and generate reports
  • Simplify analysis with robust reporting features including graphic visualizations
  • Forecast predicated values based on current performance
  • Highlight gaps in compliance and identify options to improve

To learn more about the Quality Measure Engine, request a demo.

User Auditing: Insight in an Instant

Having the ability to view the changes made within a technology system is a critical security feature dictated by different regulatory standards. On the federal level, The United States Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) AC-2(4) standard requires user auditing as part of the security plan for federal information systems and organizations. Moreover, the ability to retrieve an audit for user history is often a business requirement to comply with privacy and security regulations, particularly in the health and human services field, where sensitive information like protected health information (PHI) is involved.

Connect Exchange V3.0 includes a User Audit Log and Report to provide administrators with oversight into user conduct. Every user in Connect Exchange creates an electronic trail that can be traced. Within Connect Exchange, administrators can be given access to the User Audit Log, which allows them to search when accounts are created or deleted, enabled or disabled, when permissions or roles are changed, and who has access to what information– on both the system wide and individual user account level. Be compliance ready with the ability to quickly gather data in exportable reports for internal or external regulatory audits.

Connect Exchange

Quick Look at User Audit Features:

  • Conduct a system wide audit with comprehensive reports
  • Filter reports by date, change type, action, and user
  • View changes to a specific user related to system access
  • Export reports to Excel and PDF for easy sharing
  • Daily notifications alerts for administrators

To learn more about the User Audit Log, request a demo.