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MediSked’s experience supporting regional and statewide person-centered care management in Medicaid (and specifically Medicaid Managed Care) makes us uniquely qualified to serve as the technology partner in North Carolina’s long-term services and supports (LTSS) industry. We have been supporting lives in North Carolina since 2011.

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Our platforms currently support individuals in the following populations:
  • Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD)
  • Behavioral Health (BH) 
  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
  • Brain Injury (BI)
  • Aging Populations

We are uniquely qualified to understand Section 2703 of the Affordable Care Act, known as “Health Homes” for LTSS populations. As the only technology vendor to successfully implement Medicaid transformation under this model, we have a 100% success rate when listed as the technology partner on applications using Section 2703 of the Affordable Care Act, known as “Health Homes”. Our experience puts us in a unique position to advise clients in North Carolina from the application phase through implementation.

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Partnerships & Sponsorships

We are proud to work with these incredible organizations:

Living, Learning and Thriving
The Provider Association

The MediSked Solution Suite

We offer end-to-end, person-centered technology solutions that centralize information, streamline processes, and generate efficiencies – all designed to meet the requirements set by North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for Tailored Plans, CMAs, CINs, and Providers.

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