One of Those Days – Podcast Transcript

Hello Listeners!  This is Jeff Clair from MediSked, the leading brand in holistic solutions that improve lives, drive efficiencies, and generate innovations for health and human service organizations that support our community.

Everyone has had one of those days. You know the kind. You have just left from conducting an assessment with someone at a location away from the office.  You have stacks of files in your arms, along with your bag and other personal items in your hands.  You struggle to get your keys out of your pocket and fumble them when you get to the car door.  As you reach to catch your keys as they fall, the files in your arms drop and scatter everywhere.  A rogue gust of wind on an otherwise calm day sweeps through and creates a whirlwind of papers all over the street.  If you’re lucky, you can quickly pick up all of the papers, but even then they are all mixed together and will need to be sorted back out into their respective folders at some point.  If you’re not so lucky, you end up watching that rogue gust of wind carry those papers into the wild, never to be seen by your eyes again. 

And for anyone working with protected health information, that would be a nightmare!  Not only do you see all of the hard work you put into creating and maintaining those files fly away, you are also watching a compliance disaster in the making.  The loss of protected health and personal information opens you and your organization up to potential fines and negative media attention that could prove to be very damaging to many.

There’s a phrase “Modern Problems require Modern Solutions,” but if you ask me, ALL problems require modern solutions!  In this day and age, your organization’s software platforms and vendor should be that modern solution! 

Having the ability to create, maintain, transmit and store your organization’s data electronically could have helped our friend who was having “one of those days” avoid that embarrassing and potentially damaging non-compliance situation before it even started.  Not having to lug around inefficient paper files would have stopped the whirlwind of papers and PHI. Your modern technology solution should allow you to perform all your processes and procedures electronically, from intake to the end of the engagement with the people you serve, as well as assisting you with regulatory and compliance reporting and needs. 

If your organization is still using paper files, or you have found that your current software platform isn’t providing these essential aspects of efficient administration and oversight, it’s probably time to start looking for a software solution that does.

Here are some requirements you should be thinking about when seeking out a software solution and vendor:

  • The ability to create and store your EHRs electronically
  • The ability to create, complete and securely distribute custom assessments or plans
  • The ability to track tasks, activities and interactions on a day to day basis
  • The ability to communicate with the people you serve and their circles of support, providers, state organizations and other interested parties securely through an online portal
  • The ability to electronically submit and reconcile claims with multiple payers, whether it be Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance or Private Pay
  • The ability to interface with your state or county systems to transmit data, ingest demographic and assessment information, and check Medicaid eligibility
  • The ability to control access to data in a granular way to ensure that users only have access to minimal necessary information
  • The ability to create and electronically complete and sign documents and charts
  • The ability to grant limited access to auditors and other oversight agencies
  • A robust reporting capability, with the ability to create and run custom reporting as needed

With MediSked’s Connect, Coordinate, Connect Exchange and Person-Centered Portal software solutions, your agency can stay connected with relevant parties, store files and data efficiently and securely, and make the administration of all aspects of your organization seamless and generate the efficiency that you need to help serve the people in your community more quickly and efficiently.

MediSked is already working with a county DDO in Kansas to improve lives, drive efficiencies, and generate innovations to help support your communities.  This existing framework could help set up your organization for success in the future and help prevent you from having “one of those days…”

For more information about MediSked and information about how to contact us, please visit us at Thank you!