Transform Care Coordination

MediSked Coordinate is your one-stop shop to enhance care management and improve the lives of the individuals you support

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Give your team the features they need to succeed

Enrollment Management

Track the status and results of the intake and eligibility process from first contact through enrollment with customized workflows and task alerts to ensure compliance and timeliness

Service Authorization

Authorize full scope of services through planning and billing modules with settings to ensure compliance with organizational and oversight quality standards

Quick View Dashboards and Calendar

Utilize a convenient dashboard to manage client demographic and care coordination information that highlights outstanding tasks by priority level and a calendar view of the events, time, and date for upcoming tasks populated through the workflows

Detailed Documents

Design and deliver online forms and templates to promote consistent, thorough data entry, and drive the collection and reporting of meaningful information to draw actionable, data-driven insights

Record Event and Contact Logs

Document notes from encounters in customizable templates to drive note consistency and tie billable and non-billable hours for task and activities to required documentation

Individual Record Management

Store and track comprehensive information for each individual, including demographics, medications, eligibility, notes, plans and more

Process Claims

Electronically submit your claims through our HIPAA compliant system. Review projected revenue, check claim status, adjust or void claims easily, and include audit and approval layers

Enhance Reporting

Utilize intuitive self-service reporting interface to create interactive reports for billing, incident reporting, mandatory tasks and more to drive quality and performance with data presented in a meaningful and insightful way
"This population has a lot of providers that are non-medical. Most systems only give tasks to the care manager:
'Make this appointment, do this, do that.' Our system gives assignments across the spectrum of providers. That's what we couldn't get any other system to do. This transforms the way we work."
Dr. Jan Abelseth, Partners Health Plan
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