MediSked Connect with Self-Direction Package​

Understanding Self-Direction Services

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People in the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) population who are enrolled in an eligible 1915 (c) or (j) Medicaid waiver program.
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Gives individuals the ability to design their own services and supports.
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Funded by federal and state Medicaid funds under a federal waiver – either 1915 (c) or (j). States can design their own program.

Puts the individual in charge of their services and supports, creating a truly person-centered model.

  • Enables personal choice – manage staff, services, supports, budget, and schedule.
  • Empowers individuals to choose their own service providers which can create strong relationships with the staff and connections to the community.
  • Decision control for the Individual over key choices, like where they live, work, and volunteer.
  • Results in better quality of services and supports – with many states reporting that individuals who self-direct see improved fiscal and clinical results.
Self Direction

MediSked Connect with Self-Direction Package

Enables the successful management of Self-Direction Services. For example:
  • Easily manage and plan self-direction budgets
  • Individual and designee portal for services approvals
  • HIPAA-compliant electronic billing and remittances with Medicaid
  • Transactions in a single system with reports available at intervals you select
Service Authorization

Plan & Budget Tools

Plan & Budget Tools

Easily manage plan and budget – including development of start-up budget. You can also track approvals and budget allocation changes while managing utilization of services. Organizations get a real-time view of budget status, expense submissions and remaining budget allocations.
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Person-Centered Portal

Person-Centered Portal

Individuals can grant access to family/contacts and other providers. Review & approve documentation and timesheets, view the current budget and all expenses that have been logged to date, as well as review and approve expenses.
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Empowering the Individual

Empowering the Individual

Employee set-up based on the rate set by the individual. Mobile timesheets and note entry to review, as well as online expense tracking. Combined with real-time status and communications to focus on empowerment.
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Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools

On-demand and/or set interval reports are available. Also included is the ability for monthly and annual reporting. All data is exportable to Excel. We've also included the option for regulatory format reports.

Learn How to Optimize Administration of Self-Direction Services