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Enhance Service Documentation and Scheduling

Scheduling has never been easier with our intuitive module that allows staff to enter service notes right into their schedule, at the point of care

Make Entering Services Notes a Breeze for Your Staff

Proper documentation is vital to have accountability of the supports being delivered, to generate reports and draw insights into trends to improve quality, to comply with state and federal regulations, and to bill for payment.
  • Optimize the process with a combined scheduling and notes section that captures employee, service, and location information along with service note information all in one place
  • Establish and customize workflow with alerts, notifications, and reminders that align with your agency’s needs
  • Customize service note requirements to ensure documentation meets regulatory and organizational standards
  • Enjoy conflict free scheduling with search options for qualified and available staff to fill shifts
  • Mobile capabilities allow staff to enter notes, check in/out, view plans and emergency contact information when they are out in the community

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Learn how MediSked Connect – Agency Management Platform can centralize and manage information to transform service delivery across provider agencies

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