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Simplify Electronic Billing

Reliable billing cycles are within your grasp with MediSked's comprehensive, automated billing module

Say Goodbye to Late or Delayed Payments

Our automated, HIPAA-certified billing module manages the entire life cycle of your claims so you can bill more frequently, shorten your payment cycle, and ultimately have more reliable cash flow

  • Generate and electronically submit 837 claims to payers
  • Ensure accuracy with schedule-based billing that requires service authorization and required documentation to be stored and approved in the internal auditing module before a claim can be submitted
  • Produce invoices once specified service settings are completed, preventing incomplete claims, improving utilization metrics, streamlining audit and approval processes, and decreasing billing cycle length.
  • Collect and store 835 electronic remittances and reconcile claims if needed
  • Increase financial accountability with data-driven decisions from detailed reports by client, employee, service, location, date, or group

Discover MediSked Connect

Learn how MediSked Connect – Agency Management Platform can streamline your billing process so you can focus your attention where it matters most – with the individuals

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