Sunsetting the MediSked Community

Important Update About Future of the MediSked User Community

At MediSked, we envision a user Community full of interaction and discussion among users like you, who represent leading organizations across the health and human services industry. At the same time, we recognize that you are busy and need us to make it easy for you to be a part of the conversation in our Community. To offer you a high-quality, long-term Community solution, we need to re-evaluate both the tools we’re using and our internal processes to support the Community.

While we evaluate the best options for users to interact, contribute ideas, and see valuable content in a single platform, we’ll be sunsetting the Community platform online. As of 9/10/2021, the Community platform is closed down completely.

We Value Your Ideas as Much as Ever!

For now, if you have an enhancement suggestion you think would benefit your fellow users and make your MediSked platform better, you will be able to submit ideas through this form.

Keep in mind that for your ideas to make it onto the Product Roadmap, they will be evaluated for their overall user impact and how they will improve lives, drive efficiencies, and deliver better outcomes. So please give us lots of details in your idea submissions.