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Trust and Security

Trust is the foundation of our partnership. We’re committed to providing secure, compliant, solutions that keep your data safe

Trust and Security

Your security is our top priority
  • MediSked delivers highly-available, flexible, and secure SaaS solutions
  • MediSked’s solutions meet security and privacy requirements of HIPAA and HITECH
    • Confidentiality – data is only available for authorized individuals
    • Availability – access to dependable and accurate data
    • Integrity – data is protected from being altered or destroyed
  • All data uses SSL encryption behind network and host firewalls
  • Our security monitoring team is constantly searching for vulnerabilities and threats to inform our protection capabilities
  • We perform risk assessments and analysis to ensure our solutions reflect the newest technologies and operations


We provide highly available, reliable solutions because life can’t wait in our field
  • We utilize best-in-breed technologies and have teams continuously monitoring
  • MediSked has trusted procedures in place in the event of a disaster to ensure there is no loss of data
  • Independent audits to ensure our practices are up to snuff


When it comes to compliance, we’ve got you covered
  • MediSked’s compliance team is constantly monitoring the state and federal regulatory environment to stay up to date and forecast upcoming changes
  • We are continuously improving our solutions to adhere to industry standards and requirements

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Reach out and ask us any questions you might have
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