The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming

Founded by families in the early 1960s, The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming is a private, not-for-profit agency that supports over 1,100 children and adults with disabilities in Upstate New York. With over 760 employees, the agency provides a wide range of programs including residential, vocational, day, community, and adult clinal services, service coordination, transportation, enrichment, and children’s services, including an integrated day care and Head Start preschool.

After extensive research, The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming decided on the MediSked Connect platform to cater to their growing needs. Connect would allow the organization the ability to streamline their processes and increase visibility so they could make improvements in the quality of services provided.

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Streamline information and service delivery to create efficiencies and improve outcomes across provider agencies

“Going through implementation is an extensive process and requires resources, but it is time well spent because it requires you to re-evaluate and really get to your core in order to ensure your processes work well. Ultimately, it leads to a better workforce, a more satisfied workforce, a better quality service, and more satisfied individuals in the end.”
Kellie Kennedy
Kellie Kennedy
Director of Day Services at The Arc Livingston-Wyoming
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The Opportunity

The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming has a thriving vocational program initiative, that dates back to 1974, with a host of business services that offer individuals with disabilities the skills and opportunity to do meaningful work in an integrated setting with people of all abilities.

However, their vendor at the time didn’t offer the functionality needed. As The Arc started to prepare for the state’s move to managed care, they also began their search for a new platform.

The team searched for a solution that would streamline their compliance procedures, enhance collaboration, and increase visibility to improve the Individual Support Plan (ISP) process.

“The increased visibility into everything is so important – it has allowed for creativity that has improved plans and transformed the way we train.”

-Kellie Kennedy from The Arc Livingston-Wyoming

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The Outcome

After their research, The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming chose to implement MediSked Connect, the only platform that would allow the ability to improve the ISP process and increase their much needed visibility. 

Post-implementation, MediSked Connect has led to efficiencies for compliance, inspired new employee trainings that improved plan writing, and led to a break down of internal silos which created more continuity across their service delivery system.

Connect also improved satisfaction within the workforce, allowing for better quality of service to be delivered to individuals – thus leading more more satisfaction from the individuals. The implementation allowed The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming to re-evaluate their processes and revamp as they saw fit.

“Things are happening more organically – more conversations, more cross-program collaboration, and more consistency across programs.”

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