The Resource Exchange

The Resource Exchange (TRE) is a Community Centered Board in Colorado that provides a range of fully customizable services and supports to over 4,400 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. TRE is supported by almost 300 talented employees with the mission of building independence for people with I/DD.

While searching for technology to take an IT infrastructure that would ultimately help to develop and deliver better services, TRE knew they needed ability to connect information through the new platform – which lead them to choose MediSked Connect. Connect covered the gamut of a large variety of needs throughout the agency in a single system. 

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Streamline information and service delivery to create efficiencies and improve outcomes across provider agencies

“What was eye-opening to the whole implementation process was cracking things open, identifying where the problems were in process workflows, and leading greater discussion of how to correct them. MediSked is emblematic of a holistic process, as this was more than just implementing software as a solution.”
Rob Franc
Rob Franc
Project Manager at TRE
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The Opportunity

TRE was seeking technology to take an IT infrastructure that would ultimately help to develop and deliver better services. One of their main goals was to work through internal processes and identify how IT solutions could help them. Colorado lacks an organized system for tracking trends for Community Center Boards (CCBs) and does not offer access to non-government employees.

The purpose of moving forward with MediSked was to migrate to a system that is more holistic, that tracks the whole person’s record to create a practice that is centered around the individual.”

-Rob Franc

TRE reported that their past implementations had terrible user interfaces, and MediSked made it easier for the average individual to use.

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The Outcome

Increased operational efficiencies in billing department by 66%

Before Connect, TRE billed out from an excel spreadsheet, which required a 6-week process of hand entering each person served every 3 months.

With Connect, the total time for billing is only 2 weeks.

Remove siloes and promotes holistic views of individual information

Before Connect, staff could not access individual information.

With Connect, every person in the organization can view the pertinent information for each person, which matches TRE’s organizational goal of looking at the entire lifecycle of an individual, not just service delivery.

Consolidate databases and the ability to instantly query data

Before Connect, TRE used multiple databases to track information and did not have the ability to report on the data.

With Connect, TRE now has access to a large amount of data and can query, track, and trend information whenever they need to.

Standardized information entry has been so helpful as it reduces the room for error. The standardized protocol has made it easier for the billing department and reduced duplication of entering information in Excel.”

-Rob Franc


Implementation Insights

TRE tips for agencies preparing for an implementation:
  • Be open to change
  • Be specific about the roles and responsibilities of your project team
  • Ensure that your project team includes representation from each siloed department. It is important that the key figures are in the room for implementation from the very beginning and are aware of the changes
  • MediSked is the mechanic overseeing you while you open up the engine to identify internal process issues. The reality is that many issues are with internal processes — so being clear about that while being kind is really important.

“The implementation team has been incredibly patient and helpful — it’s a crazy effort and they have helped us to get over any obstacles that have come up. The implementation team didn’t just fish for us, but taught us how to fish.”

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