The Arc of Delaware County

The Arc of Delaware County is an agency that covers an expansive county the size of Rhode Island and supports over 260 unduplicated individuals supported by over 180 full-time employees. The Arc of Delaware County is known for their comprehensive immersion trainings to teach specific competencies that provide the principles for creating an effective, sustainable way of supporting individuals. They provide services for children and adults with disabilities, including in-home training and support, children’s services, case management and service coordination, group recreation and family support, education, training, and employment, adult residential services, and adult guardianship services.

The Arc of Delaware County initially implemented MediSked Connect to streamline efficiencies within their agency after being inundated with paper forms and documentation. Regulations about documentation motivated them to find a platform that suited their specific needs, and help they put more focus on providing direct care services rather than waste time compiling data.

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“The area our agency covers is pretty huge. We are very spread out and provide an array of services. We saw centralizing our information as an efficiency that makes sense.”
Molly Little
Molly Little
Chief Executive Officer at The Arc of Delaware County
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The Opportunity

The Arc of Delaware County was inundated with antiquated forms of documentation and wanted their staff to spend less time compiling information and more time with the individuals they support.

The agency was motivated by regulations about documentation, which they saw as time away from providing the actual direct care services.

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The Outcome

The Arc of Delaware County initially implemented MediSked Connect in 2014 in order to streamline efficiencies. They needed a platform that gave the staff the ability to compile data and information quickly so they could put their focus back on the individual they support.

The staff at The Arc of Delaware County spends much of their time delivering services in the community and they needed an efficient way of indicating changes in real-time.

“MediSked has been effective, it’s great for documenting services”

– Teresa Skinner, Chief Financial Officer at The Arc of Delaware County

In addition to MediSked Connect, in 2016, they added MediSked’s Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) with funding from a BIP (Balancing Incentive Program) grant to help continue their path to streamlined capabilities. 

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