Accelerate Insights and Improve Outcomes

Integrate systems and oversee the health of your organization and population with MediSked Connect Exchange, an enterprise-grade interface engine, data warehouse, and business intelligence platform designed specifically for the human services field

Meet MediSked Connect Exchange

Give your team the features they need to succeed

Secure, Cloud-Based Data Warehouse

Reduce your infrastructure investments and rest easy knowing your data is stored in a secure, performance-optimized, HIPAA-compliant data warehouse


Eliminate data silos with bi-directional data sharing: our powerful interface engine supports both industry-standard and proprietary data formats, allowing you to send or receive data in real-time or at scheduled intervals

Interface & System Monitoring Tools

Oversee the health of your IT systems and data integrations with intuitive administration tools, transaction logs, error reports, and proactive system notifications

Robust Reporting Catalog

Make the most of the information in your data warehouse with a library of standard reports developed to meet the most common reporting needs of human services organizations

Interactive Report Builder

When standard reports aren’t enough, a powerful report builder is available to design, save, and share interactive reports and dashboards. Easily join and query datasets, apply filter logic, and create visual analyses for tailored insights

Geographic Visualizations

Derive new insights from your data with geographic visualizations that allow you to optimize caseload assignments and service delivery, review hospitalization patterns, identify trends in community integration, and more

Advanced Cohort Designer

Define, monitor, and engage specific cohorts to deliver targeted and effective population health strategies, grouping individuals by demographics, risk-level, care plan goals or objectives, chronic disease state, or screening/prevention needs for nuanced intervention and analysis

Quality Measure Reporting

Maximize individual and population outcomes while ensuring early and ongoing compliance with organizational performance measures: real-time quality measure reporting identifies progress to date, forecasted values, and recommended individuals to engage to maximize outcomes

Data Access Tools

Improve quality of care with sophisticated data access controls and share insights with authorized providers directly within the platform: curate dashboards for specific individuals, caseloads, cohorts or populations, allowing third-party users to access specific information most relevant to those they support

User Audit Log

Enhance your information security with instant access to user history at the individual and organization-wide level to track when accounts are created, deleted, or modified and prevent and identify improper or unauthorized activity.

Single Sign On Capability

Centralize the login process with a unified experience that allows users to access and seamlessly navigate between all MediSked platforms through one portal and a single set of login credentials

Optimize your Enterprise

Learn how you can generate insights into your organization to enhance strategy and improve lives
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