More Than Just an EHR

Centralize and manage information to create efficiencies across provider agencies, while maintaining a person-centered approach to services and supports

Meet MediSked Connect

Give your team the features they need to succeed

Individual and Employee Records

Manage core information for employees and individuals and details for services and locations in one convenient location

Plan Management

Manage all aspects of an individual’s goal or care plans and determines the services, locations, and employees that the system needed to follow through

Customize Workflows

Configure workflows and document tracking structure to ensure compliance and communication within your agency

Centralize Scheduling and Notes

Track employee and individual schedules and capture service notes in one location to ensure documentation is in place to bill claims

Comprehensive Documentation

Easily document service notes, track progress towards goals and outcomes, and log observations and charting and data at the point of care

Audit and Approve

Monitor quality, compliance, and performance with built-in steps to audit and approve information based on regulatory and organizational policies

Manage the Billing Claim Life Cycle

Generate and electronically submit 837 claims to payers and produce invoice once specified service settings are completed, preventing incomplete claims, improving utilization metrics, streamlining audit and approval processes, and decreasing billing cycle length


Make data-driven decisions using our powerful reporting features, with a robust library of reports and an ad hoc query builder to create customized reports

Mobile Capabilities

Access Connect when delivering services in the community through our mobile site with GPS functionality to check in and out of shifts, document service notes in real-time, and view plans and emergency contacts

Assign Access Levels

Safeguard protected health information with designated access levels to ensure employees can view and manage the appropriate information

Promote Fiscal Responsibility

Effectively manage budget with tools to forecast costs, review client budget, and run utilization reports

See How it Works

Get a glimpse into how your agency can transform service delivery
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