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Amplify Oversight with Statewide Business Intelligence Tools

Increase real-time visibility in your state to improve outcomes, drive operational efficiencies, and optimize cost efficacy

Access the Bigger Picture

Gain enterprise-wide transparency to end the siloed isolation that prevents innovation

  • Interface with existing state databases to aggregate data in one convenient location
  • Sophisticated data aggregation and business intelligence tools produce actionable insights to enhance lives, improve outcomes, and reduce costs
  • Real-time insights, predictive analytics, to realize cost savings, improve quality, and identify gaps and opportunities for efficiencies
  • Sort reports by critical information like geographic area, provider type, location, diagnoses, or demographic information
  • Provide management tools for tracking information regarding contracts and provider quality assurance assessments and remediation plans
  • Centralize records across your enterprise for providers, individuals, and employees, including provider contracting and credentialing
  • Reduce provider burden to manually provide information to a single source
  • Utilize monitoring and evaluation tools for access, quality, and more

Discover MediSked Connect Exchange

Learn how MediSked Connect Exchange – Multi-Agency Business Intelligence Platform expands the breadth of available data and allows for insights to be made on the individual and population level

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