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Incident Tracking & Reporting

Harness incident data into powerful reports and dashboards to prevent future occurrences

Increase Safety for All

View reports and identify trends in real-time to improve outcomes and reduce incidents statewide
  • Transmit and store incident reports from providers across your state electronically, securely, and in an instant
  • Centralize incident reports in a functional data warehouse
  • Configure alert triggers to immediately notify the appropriate parties
  • Reduce critical incidents with oversight reporting to identify trends and aid in proactive decision support to ensure corrective or preventive actions are taken
  • Utilize ad-hoc query builder to create powerful reports and dashboards instantly with filters like incident type, incident category, provider, individual cohort, age, and geographic locations
  • Analyze statistics, across cohorts such as region, provider, residential setting, employment setting, diagnosis, age, and location

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