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Support Care Management Across the State

Transform effective case management from initial contact to ongoing care coordination

Everything You Need to Provide High Quality Care Management

Enhance service and support delivery with centralized management tools that optimize fundamental operations

  • Supercharge care coordination with real-time alerting, reporting, and data-sharing
  • Seamlessly manage workflow with populated calendar, caseload, and task-oriented dashboards
  • Support 3rd party integrations to instantly share data to ensure consistency across the continuum of care
  • Track progress and outcomes, identify trends, and improve quality with intuitive reporting engine and query builder
  • View data instantaneously to support continuity of care and drive informed decision making
  • Authorize full scope of services with comprehensive planning and billing capabilities
  • Complete detailed, compliant service documentation at the point of care
  • Improve care and prevent fraud and abuse with customizable workflows and alert options and audit controls
  • Increase financial accountability with HIPAA compliant, electronic, billing lifecycle management tools, complete with audit features

Discover MediSked Connect Exchange

Learn how MediSked Connect Exchange – Multi-Agency Business Intelligence Platform expands the breadth of available data and allows for insights to be made on the individual and population level

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