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The Background

MVLE was created by parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with only four individuals in a day support program in Northern Virginia. Today, MVLE is celebrating its 45th anniversary as an internationally accredited agency that provides employment opportunities and rehabilitation services to over 630 individuals and employs over 200 fulltime staff members.

MVLE follows an employment and enclave model and provides employment services, support services, clinical services, and transitioning and training services. Additionally, they hold several government contracts, including the Department of Defense, through their Ability One Program and offer employment opportunities through their social enterprise model.


When MVLE began searching for an electronic health record, the state of Virginia was going through significant regulatory changes. The technology team was cognizant of the changes that would inevitably come from Virginia’s state transition plan, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Home and Community-Based Settings (HCBS) Rule, and the DOJ settlement regarding the state’s failure to provide the most integrated settings. To stay ahead of the transitions, they decided to search for a product that could address their list of requirements. They were most interested in ability for staff to quickly and easily enter notes, compliance with Medicaid audits, capability for Medicaid billing, query builder for reporting from only one system, and option to export information for mailings. MediSked Connect – Agency Management Platform was the only solution that fit all of MVLE’s needs.

“Overall, it helps because we can better support the people we’re with. We’re spending the time with the people we should be spending it with.”
– Michelle Lotrecchiano,
Senior Director of Program Services


MVLE implemented MediSked Connect to centralize and manage information and generate efficiencies across the agency. Every individual referred to MVLE and all individuals supported are integrated into Connect, along with their annual plan, schedules, and notes.

MVLE staff are often offsite and MediSked Connect allows employees to access information from anywhere at any time. “I have the ability to work remotely because everything for MediSked is in the cloud,” said Jill Meade, Medicaid Specialist.

The MVLE team was initially worried about how the transition would affect their staff as many are offsite and didn’t have prior technological experience. MediSked’s implementation process is very thorough and includes knowledge transfers to project team members to create MediSked experts at MVLE who can train internal staff.

Additionally, MVLE created a new position, the electronic records specialist, who is the agency’s MediSked Connect subject matter expert and manages their entire system.


MediSked Connect is engrained into the fabric of MVLE. According to Michelle Lotrecchiano, Senior Director of Program Services,

We’re definitely in the 21st century now, it’s routine and a part of everyday life for staff.

Amidst all the regulatory changes, MediSked has helped with compliance, funders, and required reporting. One of the most useful features identified by MVLE is the Query Builder, which allows the agency to quickly pull data for reporting, grant writing and proposals. MVLE created customized fields for acuity information, that is sent monthly to funders. Additionally, the reporting features help the agency with quality control and outcomes tracking.

MediSked Connect has facilitated staff efficiency with their notes and documentation and overall with their time. Additionally, staff have reported that they are able to develop more professional skills from receiving training on how to use the technology.

The result is better care for the individuals supported by MVLE.

Connect helps us stay organized since we support so many people and MediSked is responsive to us and to our needs.

– Tamika Boyd-Majors,
Electronic Records Specialist

Documents are more manageable and accessible and reporting is so much easier.”
– La Tonia Adams,
Support Services Director

Shared Stories

Three Individuals Supported by MVLE Share Their Experiences

MVLE performs an important job, their supports allow for community engagement and meaningful employment.

Corinna enjoys reading to people that need assistance. “I like it here, helping people.”

Crystal came to MVLE right after high school. “I like MVLE and I love it. I like all the staff and that they explain things before I do it. The visual part is better for me and they help with that.”

Patricia has been with MVLE for 18 years. “I love all my staff and all my peers.”

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