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Since 1969, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership has been a leader in working with human service organizations and systems to continuously define, measure, and improve quality of life and quality of services for youth, adults, and older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities.

Through MediSked and its Connect Exchange tool, CQL wanted to offer hundreds of human services providers and thousands of their associated PORTAL users with a modern and intuitive platform for evaluating and improving the quality of supports and the quality of people’s lives.


Reporting & analytics, population health tracking, survey module, and record management in a central location that provides integrations and data warehouse capabilities.

“MediSked has provided CQL and users of the PORTAL Data System with a user-friendly structure, streamlined navigation, and improved features to better understand and assess quality at both the individual and organizational levels. From a simplified menu to custom reporting, there are numerous features that are transforming the user experience in PORTAL. Through MediSked’s Connect Exchange tool, PORTAL users can enter, access, and analyze their data like never before.”
Mary Kay Rizzolo, CQL President and CEO
Mary Kay Rizzolo
CQL President and CEO
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The Opportunity

The PORTAL Data System, with complex data sets involving the Personal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances®, required a robust platform for both the entry and analysis of data. CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership decided to partner with MediSked based on its years of experience in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing comprehensive technology solutions.

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The Process

CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership collaborated with numerous MediSked staff members throughout the development process for the PORTAL Data System as well as after its launch.

Leading up to the launch of PORTAL, CQL expressed appreciation for the MediSked employees who regularly demonstrated competence in developing complex aspects of the system. CQL said they found those MediSked employees to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled in implementing the reporting capabilities of PORTAL.

As we were launching PORTAL, CQL valued MediSked staff who provided PORTAL users with an in-depth, yet digestible, webinar tutorial of the new platform. Throughout the presentation, MediSked staff seamlessly walked people through the system and crafted a clear demonstration of PORTAL that users still benefit from today.

After PORTAL’s launch, CQL said they had very positive experiences working with MediSked team members such as Implementation and Training Specialists Kelly Kennedy and Christopher Shertl. CQL found them both to be very insightful, responsive, and thorough in continuing to implement various features and functionality.

CQL has also collaborated with MediSked’s marketing and communications teams, through employees such as Abby Rose Esposito, Linda Nakagawa, and Rachel Hendrickson. “They have been wonderful to work with and show a true passion for demonstrating the positive impact and application of data on human service organizations,” said Seth Petre, Director of Marketing at CQL. “We look forward to partnering with them and developing new resources, tools, presentations, and more to help organizations in collecting and analyzing data for their quality improvement efforts.”

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The Outcome

“There are a number of innovations that especially stand out in MediSked’s implementation of the PORTAL Data System,” said Mary Kay Rizzolo, President and CEO at CQL. “First and foremost, the modern design and simple navigation have been very well received by PORTAL users. Whether it’s the sorting, searching, and filtering functionality of the survey grids or the ease of moving around sections of the system, the user experience has certainly been enhanced. This provides organizations with a more straightforward solution for accessing and evaluating their data.”

As organizations prepare for their CQL Accreditation, the completion of the agency Basic Assurances® (BA) Self-Assessment within PORTAL offers numerous benefits. After the initial accreditation visit, organizations can view CQL’s feedback regarding the BA Self-Assessment directly within the initial survey. The configuration allows organizations to compare their own reflections alongside CQL’s findings and guidance, which can give insight into action steps for the agency throughout their accreditation term.

In addition, the reporting capabilities of PORTAL can have a big impact on organizational quality enhancement efforts and initiatives to improve individual quality of life.

As shared by Leslie Long, Chief Executive Officer, The Arc of Cape May County, “Our agency will be implementing the reporting features of PORTAL to measure the impact of our strategies and ensure we are tracking the effectiveness of policies and procedures.”

Through the use of the templated and custom reporting features, organizations now have a number of ways to view and evaluate their data, so that they can identify areas of success as well as specific aspects of their services where there is an opportunity for improvement.

Feedback From Users of the PORTAL Data System

Opportunities for Positive Growth, Inc.
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Our data collection began with an Excel spreadsheet in 2011 and has evolved to include the use of the CQL PORTAL Data System. Sharing of information between teams has moved from an informal process to a custom report created using PORTAL.
Thane Dykstra, President and CEO, Trinity Services, Inc.
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Aggregate data from Personal Outcome Measures® interviews is used to assess organizational progress and help set strategic goals for improvement.
Jacquie McKnight, Quality and Innovations Manager, Empower Simcoe
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As part of the data analysis, we can determine if the agency policy or practice is getting in the way of people realizing their goals and remove the identified barrier.

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