COVID-19 Provider Series: Colorado

COVID-19 Provider Series: Colorado

Given the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, we spoke with clients from across the country to highlight different approaches that agencies are taking to reduce loneliness and isolation, to keep a sense of normalcy and routine, and most of all to continue to deliver services and supports to the individuals that need them.

This series will highlight some of the steps that our local provider partners are taking in their efforts to face the challenges of our current situation.


The Resource Exchange in Colorado has illustrated a few key priorities.

  • Move to remote work where possible: The Resource Exchange staff has been working remotely since the week of March 16th in order to properly isolate.
  • Early preparation for remote work option: The Resource Exchange is uniquely positioned for the physical distancing aspect of this pandemic as they’ve been preparing for remote work options since November. TRE had planned to move to more remote work when possible to reduce the footprint of their office staff.
  • Using cloud-based products to support remote work: TRE’s transition to remote included migrating data into cloud services with MediSked, Office 365, and SharePoint as their three main tools. MediSked Connect serves as the central repository for all documentation and clinical communication.
  • Stay in close contact with the state: Colorado is continually updating guidance for in-person visits, continued stay reviews, day-to-day face contact, etc.
    • The state is allowing them to do everything either over the phone or via video. TRE has been basically able to do business uninterrupted.
  • Maintain communication and transparency: TRE is reaching out to people who receive services to keep communication clear. They are taking the proactive approach of checking in to make sure people are okay and are aware of what is happening and how to stay safe and well.

“Having MediSked Software as a Service (SAAS) online as opposed to having an application-based partner has made our ability to go remote so much easier. It’s been a lynch pin in our remote operations.”

-Rob Franc


About The Resource Exchange:

The Resource Exchange (TRE) partners with people who seek support in accessing community resources, assisting them in making informed choices so they can live the lives they want to live. Learn more here.

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