The State of the State of Illinois

The State of the State of Illinois

In this series, MediSked experts explain the latest transitions in the home and community-based services industry and what’s to come in the future of each state.

Today’s state: Pathways to Success Program

Illinois is in the midst of a major overhaul of its HCBS program. They are putting an emphasis on youth and families with a program that will combine their existing agencies into Care Coordination and Support Organizations (CCSO). Illinois’ goal is to have the first Go-Live date land sometime in March 2022.

The purpose of the CCSOs is to centralize care by embedding the System of Care at the community level. Each CCSO will be required to have a Community Stakeholder Council, Community Resource Directory, and positive collaborations with key stakeholders in the community (i.e., schools, law enforcement, and service providers). As part of the transition, Managed Care Organizations (MCO) will be required to contract will all CCSOs in order to ensure that all the eligible children can be covered. It is estimated that 70-80% of all eligible children will be enrolled with an MCO within the first year.

Illinois is approving CCSOs by application. Each prospective organization must first identify which designated service area they wish to support. A team of three reviewers is assigned to their application. The reviewers come from a variety of places including the University of Illinois, HFS, DHS (Department of Human Services), and the MCOs. If selected, they will have to pass a readiness review conducted jointly by those aforementioned groups and correct any deficiencies found within 30 days.

What’s next

Illinois has concluded both its stakeholder review and RFQ (Request for Qualifications) process as of October 1st, 2021. Next, they will announce the RFQ awards, and initiation will begin in late winter/early spring 2022.

What the state will need

As Illinois implements the Pathways to Success program, they will need a software solution to handle all of the state’s data, report on outcomes, and gain insights into the success of the program. Illinois can support care management activities and amplify oversight with MediSked’s robust reporting and business intelligence tools. The MediSked Solution Suite is configurable, interoperable, and supports a modular health IT stack to promote cost savings and efficiency. Learn more about our solutions for government and oversight agencies here!

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Evan Christenson, Esq.

Evan Christenson, Esq., a Compliance Policy Analyst, joined MediSked in 2021, and is a licensed attorney with an educational background in Business Intelligence. Evan’s primary focus is industry research and maintaining regulatory compliance with state and federal laws such as HIPAA and HITECH, as well as analyzing, drafting, and implementing new policies to ensure MediSked’s continued compliance for the clients we serve.

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