Using MediSked Connect to Identify Utilization Trends in Realtime

Using MediSKed Connect to Identify Utilization Trends in Realtime

Using MediSKed Connect to Identify Utilization Trends in Realtime

As we reach the end of 2017, most organizations are looking back at their data from the year. Have there been improvements? Can we identify trends, positive or negative, for the individuals we are supporting? Where was money wasted? Where was it saved?

With MediSked solutions, you don’t need to wait until the end of the year, when it is oftentimes too late to enact change, to calculate trends within your organization.

Management of Goals and Outcomes

Using MediSked Connect – Agency Management Platform, agencies have the ability to track the performance outcomes of specific clients or employees based on their goals in real-time. MediSked users can identify trends as they happen to fix problems, resolve issues, or identify best practices and utilize them elsewhere in the agency.

Graphs can even be included within daily documentation so that staff can quickly see what progression or regression has been made since the plan period began. This is particularly helpful for new staff members or floaters, who may not have the opportunity to work with a person on a regular basis.

Management of Funds

MediSked Connect is also useful for managing utilization of Medicaid funds. On the client side you have the ability to load their authorized service utilization units in their client file. On the employee side, every time service is delivered by care staff it is logged in the system and tracked. MediSked Connect will show how many of the client’s authorized units have been used up or utilized and how many units are left. By having a gauge for every client that is tracking utilization, you can see if you are under pace, over pace or on pace to delivering to the utilization. This allows schedulers to adjust hours in order to get service delivery right up to the authorized amount. It is the smartest way to ensure you are maximizing utilization across every client you support. And, for the individual supported, it ensures they are receiving every bit of care they are authorized to receive.

The ability to measure performance outcome will be valuable and essential as more states move to managed care and value based payment systems. Utilization gives your agency the option to make conscious decisions to help save money and more importantly, improve outcomes for the individuals you support.

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