Thought Leadership from MediSked Experts

NCSAM Cybersecurity Series: DevSecOps with Sr DevSecOps Engineer Nathan Westerman

Improving Security with DevSecOps

MediSked Senior DevSecOps Engineer Nathan Westerman shares his unique perspective on why agencies looking for a software solution should look for a company with a DevSecOps team.

NCSAM Cybersecurity Series: Turning the Tables on Threat Actors with Chief Information Security Officer Shayne Champion

Turning the Tables on Threat Actors

MediSked’s Chief Information Security Officer, Shayne Champion, details the magnitude of the cybercrime industry and how we can stop it.

NCSAM Cybersecurity Series - Phishing: What it is and how you can protect yourself with Security & Operations Engineer Sara Sofia

A Deal Too Good to Pass Up: How Phishing Emails Trick Us

This blog is the second in a series of cyber security insights for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, recognized each October. In this second blog, MediSked Security & Operations Engineer Sara Sofia shares a first-hand experience with phishing, how you can identify it, and ways to protect yourself.

Hunting Bugs with Software Tester Jackie Beiter

Good Will Bug Hunting

Get a peek behind the curtain at MediSked’s Software Testing organization with MediSked Software Tester Jackie Beiter.

Quality Measures with Sr. Product Manager Dan Sharp

Using Data to Improve Quality

MediSked Sr. Product Manager Dan Sharp shares the importance of quality in the HCBS/LTSS industry and how to improve it.

Modular Accessibility with UX Supervisor Danielle Bonanni

Modular Accessibility for All Users

MediSked User Experience Supervisor Danielle Bonanni shares a few of the ways that MediSked has been ensuring accessibility is included into modular functionality as a part of our standard practice.